vendredi 23 avril 2010


Today, nothing but text.

During my days of research for my videoclip I met Andrew (thanks Begon!), that became my personal assistant for the movie. More than this, he became a good friend that's pretty cool besides being interested in the production of this film.He lent me a book, Playback, that's the catalog of a namesake exposition at Paris MAM (Museum of Modern Art).In this book I found the best definition of a videoclip I've ever seen till now. It's an article from Anne Dressen, trustee of "Playback" exposition. I would like to share this with you:

"Plus qu'une simple radio visuelle, le clip est schizophrène: couple à trois liant son, images et paroles, écartelé dans une relation incestueuse et adultère avec le cinéma et la publicité, oscillant entre soumission et insolence, trop long pour une publicité, trop court pour un film, trop vendu pour de l'art..."

"More than a simple visual radio, the videoclip is schizophrenic: a couple of three that links sound, images and words, quartered in a incestuous and adulterous relationship with cinema and advertising, swinging between submission and insolence, too long to be advertising, too short to be a film, too bribed to be art..."

Fuck the limits, concept rules.

See ya...