dimanche 21 mars 2010

El Mono

A quick post today! Just a possible drawing for a t-shirt to be used in the film.

mercredi 17 mars 2010


Hi everybody

This thime a little break to talk about my last break... What the f?
I'm talking about my last holidays, that I spent at BARCELONA. This musical, architectural, beautiful and pretty cool city that I heard to talk about since I decide to left my hometown: São Paulo, and I finally knew last month.

It's incredible the fresh feeling of this place and how colored are the streets and the people that leave there. The buildings look like they were conceived with graffiti in their projects. They all have drawings and organic forms. Some streets have no difference between the levels of the street and the sidewalk, it turns everything into a really graphic look.
The musicians play they're own songs in the streets. That's a significant difference with Paris, where, except from some street big bands, the street musicians play old known songs in the same old way.

So, I leave you all with some images of the city and my first uploaded video on youtube. A live session of Los Kalakos at Parque Guell.

See ya!

jeudi 11 mars 2010

The Funky Scan!


after some time without news, I'm back! This time, I'll show you the base for an animation sequence that's part of Télencéphale videoclip. It's not finished yet, but now I can see a direction for the film production design.
For my personal work, it is really important that i work out the graphics before shooting. It's the only way I know how to work. I think in images, and all my life I've been doing two-dimensional projects. The comic book and video game influence is clear.
The storyboard is my visual guide for this film; nevertheless, it is important that it be flexible so that my team and i are not blocked creatively during the shoot.
Next post I'll show you a preview sketch of the song "Télencéphale!"
prepare your ears,
hugs, Mathé