vendredi 3 septembre 2010

Télencéphale is on!

Back from two isolated months in Côte d'Azur i'm full of news.

And its with a great dose of happiness that I come in this post to announce: Télencéphale is having next tuesday, september 7 its prémiére.

This is the very first exibithion of the film (clip) in his 16mm version. And as it wasn't enough is at the same day of my birthday! Yes, an exact year after having my femis entrance at the day of my birthday, i'm having my film exhibited at the same day, too many reasons to celebrate.

I made a preview poster for the ocasion...

For those ones that would like to know the music of the clip there is a good indication: The webpage of Jaycee. There you'll find the song Télencéphale, theme of the clip and base of inspiration for its screenplay.

Soon some more news!

2 commentaires:

  1. Aaahhh putain que legal!!!
    Depois da um jeito de por na net pra gente ver. Parabéns!!! Beijo!!!


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